Language Arts Classes
6th Hour Advance L.A.

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 3rd, 7th, and 8th Hour L.A.

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Monday 5/1


3rd Hour - Edit Process Essay rough draft
7th/8th Hour - Same as 6th
 Tuesday 5/2

- Figurative Language Test
-Figurative language flip chart due
- Work on plan/outline for process essay.

-Revise Process essay rough draft.  Mainly worked on revising first paragraph adding a better lead and thesis.
- Standard:
 Wednesday 5/3
Work on Process Essay rough draft. Plan, rough draft with editing and revising marks, and final due Monday.
Standard: 2
3rd Hour - Revise Process Essay adding in transitions
-Work on final if ready
*Final due Monday
7th/8th - Same as 6th
 Thursday 5/4

- No School due to main water turned off

3rd Hour - No School due to main water turned off
7th/8th - Same as 6th
*Reading Logs due Tuesday!

Monday 5/8

Process Essay Final due today!

3rd Hour - Process Essay Final due today!

7th/8th - Same as 6th
*Presentations begin
*Reading Logs due tomorrow*Reading Logs due tomorrow
 Tuesday 5/9

7th/8th Hour-Process Essay Presentations

 Wednesday 5/10
Thursday 5/11
-No School Literacy Testing
3rd Hour - No School Literacy Testing
7th and 8th Hour - 
Reading Class

5th Hour
  Monday 4/17
  -Students will complete a Following Directions Quiz and complete passages from ReadWorks-Code =GGMK7B
*Students can go to my reading links if they have misplaced their log in slip.
  Tuesday 4/18
 Wednesday 4/19
 Thursday 4/20

 Monday 11/
 -  Standard:
 Tuesday 11/

 Wednesday 11/
 Thursday 11/